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Indian Head Massage | Pure Harmony Therapies

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage Treatments & Training Courses

Indian head massage involves treating areas that are vulnerable to stress such as your shoulders, upper arms, back, neck as well as your face and head, whilst you completely relax.

Indian head massage works on areas affected by mental and emotional stress.  In Western culture today we spend much of our time in our heads, so this treatment can really help to calm the mind and is surprisingly deeply relaxing. Working with a firm and gentle rhythm it helps to relieve muscular discomfort and tension as well as calming the spirit and aiding relaxation, it also improves circulation in the head, enhances the senses and promotes clear thinking.Indian Head Massage

The massage usually begins with your upper back, where a combination of deep massage and pressure points help to relax your muscles and to loosen and melt knots. Moving through your shoulders and upper arms further releases the common spots for holding stress and tension, then working deeply into your neck where tension accumulates to relieve headaches and improve cerebral spinal fluid circulation. Moving up to your scalp, techniques are used that stimulate, relax and revive the whole of the head, increasing circulation and promoting healthy hair. Finally the treatment may include a gentle face massage with techniques that help circulation, skin tone, sinus and headache problems.

Treatment duration:          45 Minutes

Cost:                                      £40


For Guild Accredited Training Courses please also call me on my mobile 07717 311204

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