What is Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy has been around for thousands of years. Ancients previously used hollowed out animal horns which over the years have evolved into bamboo and currently glass which is commonly used today by Cupping Practitioners.

Earliest records of cupping date back to the Chinese and Egyptians at around 1500BC. Cupping over the years has been used for treating pain, fever and many other health issues, including spinal alignment.  Cupping has also been used for infertility.

In 2004 Cupping therapy re-emerged as a new celebrity trend and many present day physiotherapist’s and sports therapists once again have started to include it within their treatments.

There are different types of cupping treatments such as wet, hot and dry.  I only offer dry cupping and only for muscular problems. For example, shoulders, back and legs.  Cupping these areas helps to provide the muscles and tissue with a fresh supply of blood and nutrients, which in turn helps to speed up healing, therefore giving a speedier relief to muscular pain.  Its good for upper and lower back pain and sciatica. It also works for tight leg muscles, calf and hamstrings muscles.

Cupping can leave red circles on the skin from anything between 10mins and 5 days depending on the stagnation in the areas being treated, but in general disappear quite quickly.

Benefits of Cupping

increases blood circulation, stimulates the immune system, relaxes the body, dissipates local stagnation (which causes pain), regulates and balances hormones, alleviates pain, removes toxins, stimulates endorphins, reduces water retention, reduces cellulite and many more

In turn cupping can help with headaches, back pain, muscular pain, insomnia, increased energy levels, common colds, flu and fever.  It can also assist with constipation.

30mins £25             

60mins £40

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